November 3, 2013 | 3 Comments.

Boston Terrier Printable
I love my dog and no, she is not a Boston Terrier. Would I print this free printable out regardless, YES! When I ran across it I absolutely fell in love. I think it’s the fact that it sorta looks like a cartoon print or maybe it’s the colors. I also adore any animal print lately. I hope you enjoy this one. 

I rock so what created this amazingly cute Boston Terrier printable. The cigarette in the dog’s mouth is the best part of the image but if you don’t want one in the mouth no worries, there is one available! You could print these out on paper with a sticky back and slap them on anything!

 Some things you could use these for:

* Give as a gift to someone who owns a Boston Terrier
*Print out mini ones and stick them on adhesive magnet strips to use as magnets
*Print out on a heat transfer sheet and print on a pillow, shirt or bag

These are just a few but I am sure you could come up with more!I will be doing some fun things this week on my DIY site so make sure to check them out here at

Botson Terrier Printable

(This is not the true pdf . Click the link below to get it)


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3 thoughts on “Boston Terrier Printable

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