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Free Pantry Labels
I don’t know about you but I surely love being organized. My pantry can quickly become a “hot mess” within minutes of looking for things. I have recently become obsessed with glass containers. I think it’s a nice, clean modern way to display certain foods. If you have the perfect glass jar/container you can even make brown rice look good! These pantry labels will really add some jazz to your containers!

Lia Griffith created these fantastic pantry labels. I love that they look like mini chalkboards. You could print these out on paper with a sticky back and slap them on anything! If you like chalkboard printables then you have to check out these chalkboard table numbers and wedding party invitations.

 Some things you could use these for:

* To organize your pantry
*You could get ton’s of mason jars and put them on them for a house warming party
*Christmas gift containers

These are just a few but I am sure you could come up with more!
I will be doing some fun things this week on my DIY site so make sure to check them out here at Jaderbomb.com.

Free Pantry Labels

(This is not the true pdf . Click the link below to get it)


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