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I’m addicted to you cause I know that your TOXIC! Yep I am singing a little Spears early in the morning! Check out these super classy labels for vintage apothecary bottles. Well let’s face it not everyone has “real” vintage bottles but you can surely create them with any bottle you already have! I did a tutorial on making bottles look like you dug them up from the ground here.  You will be surprised at how easy they really are to make, and did I mention a little addicting?

Eat Drink Chic designed these labels and I thank her for that!

They have a modern feel to them which I really love. Sometimes Halloween labels can look a little flashy and gaudy but not these. I love that they were designed in black and white. Just looking at them, I am grinning with excitement! They look like they could be real bottle labels, right. I would actually keep these up all year long. What do you like the most about them?

apothecary bottle printables

(This is not the true pdf . Click the link below to get it)


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